Returning to Clinic

May 22, 2020

Returning to Clinic

May 22, 2020

MSK Clinic will now be offering emergency face-to-face appointments.

In order to keep in line with current best practice guidelines we will need to arrange an online physiotherapy appointment or phone call to determine your suitability to attend clinic.

The second phase of the pandemic response does not signal a return to usual ways of working.

We will be implementing the following safety measures:

  • A full risk assessment of the working environment has been conducted of the studios to ensure reduced risk to patient and staff.
  • The physiotherapist will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and have systems and policies in place that govern its use.
  • We will offer a virtual first approach with remote consultations and if we decide that you require a face-to-face for further assessment, we can consider this.
  • We will have a discussion about your therapy needs and determine if a face-to-face appointment is indicated. When you and your therapist are aware of the risks/benefits of a face-to-face appointment and we feel it is appropriate we can arrange at this stage.
  • There will be no other patients or clinicians in the practice only you and your treating clinician.
  • We will offer patients Protective face masks and hand sanitization in reception.
  • The clinic will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between clients.
  • Your practicing therapist will be wearing full PPE and wash and sanitize hands before during and after treatment.
If you or anyone in your house have been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 Then you must inform your treating physiotherapist. The appointment will be cancelled, and we can arrange a virtual appointment.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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