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Effective Rehabilitation PT in London

Rehabilitation Personal Training is for people who have been injured to get them back to a good state of physical and mental health.

It’s personal, and it’s all about achieving optimum recovery, we will liaise with your physio to make sure that we have all the relevant information that we need give you the best possible rehab.

By investing in a rehab trainer, you are investing in your future self.

Rehab Training Benefits


Pain management with reduced need for pain medication


Avoiding surgery


Improved mobility and movement


Recovery from injury or trauma


Fall prevention


Improved balance


Management of age-related medical problems

Needs Analysis and Strength Testing

We conduct a needs analysis, along with a strength testing session in the consultation to help our expertise to create a tailored programme that will be goal-orientated towards health and fitness.

When exercising alone it can be easy to skip a session or cheat a set, but with one of our trainers there you will be kept accountable and push the workouts to the next level while providing motivation and support.

Benefits of Strengthening


Increased strength of muscles and joints


Reduces risk of re-injury


Protects bone health and muscle mass


Improvements in sleep


Boost’s energy levels & mood


Reduction in stress


Long term results

Your Trainer:

Physio Rehab Training London

Ricky Evans – Rehab Specialist and Massage Therapist

Ricky is a strength and conditioning coach, kettlebell instructor, rehab & weight loss specialist.

He has always been heavily invested in health and fitness. He competed in several sports at a high level since childhood in Football, Javelin and martial arts, competing as a Brazilian jiujitsu practitioner at British, European and World level. Having this year spent a month training the art out in Rio De Janeiro Brazil.

star rating

Krzysztof Sieledczyk

“I have had many treatments there with Emma, and most recently a 10-session gym rehab sessions with Ricky. Ricky has been a true rock-star – he is actively listening to your concerns and goals, comes up with a varied exercise programme and is very encouraging when it comes to following the training programme he derived for you. If I could give 6 stars, I would! Couldn’t recommend these guys enough!”

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